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It can be fun to design your own stickers and gift tags. You can begin by saving glossy mail order catalogs and newspaper inserts, gift bags with cute pictures on the front, magazine pages with pictures of dolls, flowers, comic characters, etc.. Other good sources are used greeting cards or Christmas cards, and even crafting or rubber stamping catalogs.

By using the recipe below, any scrap of paper can be turned into a ‘lick & stick’ sticker! You can also design your own stickers and tags, run photo copies of them, and color them yourself. This is a very popular idea with children.

Homemade Gum Stickers

1 part White Vinegar 1 part White School Glue

Mix together in small bowl. Using a sponge brush, paint first coat onto back of paper. Let this dry and paint on second coat. Let this dry at least a couple of hours or overnight. Now you are ready to cut out your stickers. You may add Peppermint extract or any other flavor you like to glue mixture to make licking more pleasant.

HINT: When coloring your own stickers, apply glue mixture before coloring with markers, crayons, etc., to prevent possible damage from the moisture in the glue. Now, lick & stick!

Ideas for these stickers can come from magazines, advertisements, coloring books, ‘cut and copy’ books, rubber stamps, etc.. If you are planning on using ideas from several sources, you may want to make a master copy and then make photo copies so your only copy won’t be ruined if you make any mistakes while coloring.

Stickers and tags can be colored with water based markers, crayons, colored pencils, chalks, or hand painted. When you have finished coloring your stickers, carefully cut them out and then use right away, or save for future use. This can be a great activity to do as a family.

Happy licking & sticker-ing!


You can make tags for your own gifts from most any paper you like. A scrap of the wrap you used for your gift which is cut into a 2 x 4 inch rectangle, folded in half, and a hole punched into the upper corner next to the fold, is always a nice finishing touch for a gift.

One of my favorite papers to use for these kind of tags is wall paper. Wall paper is usually nice and heavy, so that the tag stands up nicely.

Save small scraps for tags when wrapping gifts or decorating your house, pick up sample pieces which are free at wall paper displays in stores, or cut them from discontinued wall paper sample books which can be purchased at a small fee from wall paper stores when the new books come out.

The only thing you have to watch out for when using wall paper for tags, is DO NOT use a marker to write your message inside! The paste coating will gum up your marker. Any ball point pen or pencil will work fine for this purpose.

Curling ribbon, narrow craft ribbon, or colored crochet thread all work great for a tie on your tags. To attach your tie, cut a 6 – 8 inch length of ribbon/thread, fold it in half and insert it into the hole from the front of the tag. Next, bring your ‘tails’ both through the loop which the ribbon/thread forms behind the tag, and pull through until it is snug. Now you are ready to tie your tag onto your gift.

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