Cosmetics Recipes – Non Food

I have had many requests for homemade cleaners as well as alternatives to personal care items, such as shampoo, conditioner, lotions and facial cleansers. Below you will find several natural recipes for these items.

Grainy Facial Cleanser (similar to Aapri)

Your choice of facial soap (pure soap like Ivory is good)

1 tsp. Cornmeal (for normal to oily skin)
OR 1 tsp. Granulated Sugar (for dry skin)

Wet face, then work up a lather of facial soap in your hands. Add cornmeal to one soapy hand, and rub meal into the lather. Work this between both hands, then wash face with this mixture. This mixture is gentle, yet effective and is great for acne. Be sure to avoid the eye area.

Egg Shampoo #1

1 egg
1 tsp. Olive Oil
1 tsp. Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp. ‘Castile Soap’ or mild, unscented Shampoo
1/2 cup Water

Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Use immediately and follow up with one of the hair rinses below. Refrigerate any left over shampoo, and use within 36 hours. This shampoo is great for repairing sun or heat damaged hair.

To use: Wash and rinse this shampoo with warm, NOT hot water. (if you use hot water, you will smell like cooked eggs!)

Dry Hair Treatment

1/2 cup Mayonnaise
1 tsp. mild Shampoo
warm water

To condition dry, brittle hair: Mix mayonnaise and shampoo in a bowl. Add enough warm water to make it easier to mix. Apply to hair after shampooing, and leave on for 10 minutes. (for Very damaged hair, place a plastic shower cap over the conditioner and sit under a hair dryer, or in the sun, for 20 minutes) When your time is up, shampoo out and rinse with warm water.

Egg Conditioner

1 Egg Yolk
1/2 tsp. Olive Oil
3/4 cup Warm Water

In a medium sized bowl, beat egg yolk until it is thick and light colored. Slowly add the oil, a few drops at a time, while beating (a hand mixer works good for this). Next, add the water and beat into the egg mixture.

After shampooing, massage conditioner into hair and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Egg Shampoo #2

1 Egg, separated
3 Tbsp. mild shampoo (such as baby shampoo or Castile)
In a small bowl, beat egg white until foamy and soft (not stiff). Gently blend in the yolk and shampoo.

Shampoo hair using warm water, and massage half of egg shampoo into hair and scalp. There will not be many suds with this shampoo. Rinse well, and repeat with the second half of the mixture. You will have more suds with this second shampooing. Work mixture into hair for 60 seconds, no longer, and rinse well with warm water.

Cucumber Facial Cream

1 whole Cucumber – leave unpeeled
1/2 ounce White Paraffin Wax
2 ounces Sweet Almond Oil

Cut cucumber into small pieces and puree with a food processor. Strain puree through a strainer lined with cheese cloth. Melt wax in a glass or enamel double boiler over medium heat. As soon as the wax is melted, slowly add the oil, drop by drop, stirring gently. Add strained cucumber and blend thoroughly. Remove from heat and cover pan with a clean towel. Let mixture cool slowly to prevent it from crystallizing. Stir only once or twice while cooling. When mixture is completely cool and smooth, store in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator. This will keep for about two months.

Makes 4 ounces.

Anti-Aging Facial Cream

1 Oz Glycerin
1 Oz Witch hazel
1/2 Oz Rose water
3 Tbsp Honey
3 Tbsp Wheat germ oil

Combine all ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl, and gently mix with a wire whisk until thoroughly combined. Store in an airtight container at room temperature. This will keep for about one month.

To use: Massage a small amount into the skin around your eyes and mouth, using a circular and upward motion. This will help fight the effects of gravity.

Sugar-Sweet Body Polish

1 ½ cups light brown sugar (not granulated), lightly packed
½ cup almond oil
½ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1 teaspoon real vanilla extract

In a medium mixing bowl, stir sugar, oil, vanilla, and spice until well mixed. Pack into a decorative container that will hold about 12 ounces, or two smaller containers. Seal container(s); attach instruction tag for later use.

Peppermint Lotion

2 oz. cocoa butter
5 oz. olive oil (cold pressed extra virgin)
1 oz. Shea butter
1 tsp. beeswax
3-5 drops peppermint essential oil
2 oz peppermint tea
1 oz. aloe vera gel
1 T. liquid lecithin

Melt cocoa butter, olive oil, Shea butter, and beeswax together. Mix the essential oil, scent aloe gel and lecithin together and whisk into the melted oils and wax. Continue to mix until cooled and then pour into containers. You may want to infuse the oil with herbs like calendula or chamomile. This recipe must be kept in the fridge.

How to Make Your Own Diaper Cream

Here are basic instructions on how to make your own diaper salve which is very non-allergenic. With a couple of extra ingredients, it’s the ideal preventative and treatment for a yeast-rash. Sometimes this stuff is affectionately called “butt grease” since it keeps diaper areas healthy and running well!

Heat some water in a small pot on the stove until it is hot but not boiling. Place some kind of a spacer (a small steam basket) in the bottom of the pot. Put the glass jar on top to check the water level. The water level should reach about 1/2 way up the jar. Grate the beeswax until you have made a pile equivalent to about 1/2 cup to 1 cup. (You may not need the full amount depending on how thick you like your “butt grease.” You might prefer to make it on the on the soft-side for ease of application.)

Pour about 1 cup of olive oil into the jar and place into the hot water to warm it. As the oil warms, sprinkle in some of the beeswax and stir. Add in more beeswax and continue to stir until all the wax has liquefied. Remove the jar carefully with oven mitts or canning tongs. Now you have your basic salve. If you do not wish to make a yeast rash salve, leave it to cool.

If you would like to make a salve for a yeast rash, add 1 clove of garlic (crushed and minced, or pureed if possible) or 1/8 tsp powdered garlic. Then add 1/8 tsp of tea tree oil and leave to cool. Use this homemade cream on the baby’s diaper area regularly, or in case of yeast rash, use the herbal salve liberally at every diaper change.


Don’t let the mixture get too hot – the idea is to melt the wax and oil together, not to cook it!

Stirring the mixture periodically as it cools will result in a creamier texture, while leaving it alone will cause it to set more firm.

If you don’t get the results you want the first time, you can always re-heat it the same way and add wax to firm it up or oil to smooth it down.


Tea tree oil on its own can be extremely irritating to baby’s skin. However, this salve seems to buffer tea tree oil’s stinging properties, so don’t be afraid to use the herbal salve on even a newborn baby.

Herbal Facial Mask (Cleans and Tightens Pores)

1 tbsp honey
1 egg
1 tsp crumbled dried chamomile
1 tsp finely chopped fresh mint

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Apply the mixture to your face and neck. Let dry (10-15 minutes) and rinse off with warm water.


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