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Real Food for Real People free ezine and
website can give you:

  • GREAT Conversion Charts, Spice Charts,
    and Ingredient Information

  • How to make your own homemade mixes

  • ORIGINAL Recipes for baking cakes or cupcakes
    in canning jars

  • Recipes for making your own pet

  • Great gift ideas from your own

  • Recipes using common ingredients
    found in most kitchens- no searching for
    expensive or odd ingredients your family
    is not accustomed to

  • ORIGINAL Recipes for making your own bread
    maker mixes

  • Directions for using regular bread
    recipes in a bread maker

  • Directions for using bread maker recipes
    in your oven

  • Tried and True recipes shared with
    readers since 1998

  • A forum for requesting and/or sharing
    recipes with other readers

  • An archive with newsletter issues
    going back many years

  • Free sample recipes from more than 20
    original recipe collections written by
    Kaylin White

  • Heirloom recipes you may have lost many
    years ago- also enjoyed by other readers

  • Holiday recipes that are not only tried
    & true, but are unique

  • Information links for couponing or extreme
    couponing & free sample and coupon links

Mom’s Guide to Once A Month Cooking

Turn Cupcakes into Cash!   



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