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Real Food for Real People Craft Ideas


Craft Ideas I Have Made

or Created


Cookie Dough “Bites” made by placing 2

Tblsp. of egg-free cookie dough into a tiny

plastic cup and wrapping in plastic wrap.

Great gifts for the office or school friends!

Place a whole batch of ready to bake dough

into a large re-purposed jar, and give as a

gift to new neighbors or at any time!

Tree of Life pendants I made by wrapping

wire & semi-precious stones together.

Sodalite pendant made by wrapping silver
wire around the Sodalite stone.

Moss Agate pendant made by wrapping gold

wire around the Moss Agate stone

Two of many Geode pendants I made by
wrapping gold wire around shattered Geodes.

Raw Emerald Pendant made by placing several

raw emeralds into a tiny glass bottle with a

silver & crystal top.

Chryrsocola Pendant made by placing

several tiny Chrysocola stones into a tiny

glass bottle, then wrapping in gold wire.

Gold Flake Pendant made by placing gold

flakes into a tiny glass bottle, then wrapping in

gold wire.

Quilted Family Tree wall hanging I made for

my youngest son & his new wife as a

wedding gift.  Tree was pre-printed on a

cotton blend and purchased at Sierra’s craft


Wedding bouquet I made for my daughter-in-

law Mandy.  Most of these flowers came

the dollar store or local craft shops.

Funeral spray I made when Grandma Owens
passed away.  Thank you LD Wolfley for

your kind discount on the fresh flowers.

Wedding cake I made for my middle son,

Chris’s wedding to Emily.  With the exception

of the white pillars & bases, all other

materials were found at the

dollar store.

Bridesmaid’s bouquets I made for Chris & Emily’s
wedding.  Again, most of the components

came from the dollar store and local

craft shops.

Refill-able Calendar Holder I made
by sewing pockets into a brown

paper grocery bag and finishing

edges with strips of fabric.

Calendar was created with
Microsoft Publisher and printed

from my computer.  It is held in place

by brads.

decorated the top using a photo

my dachshund and clip art.

of the Diaper Cakes I have made.
made the “Lovee” by sewing a care bear

a tiny hole cut in a small fleece blanket

made.  The cake is made from diapers that

rolled and held with rubber bands

tied around a stack of

bottles & lotion hidden in the center.

made a receiving blanket from 1 1/4 yards

flannel finished with a rolled hem

my serger.  “Lollipops” are baby

washcloths rolled and placed onto

spoon handles with plastic wrap

bows. “Roses” are baby socks

rolled and held together with wire

florist tape.

This isn’t a craft, but it definitely original-

we used a steep hill at a local park,

staked a tarp in place to make a

sliding surface, then my daughter

her friends “Mattress Surfed”

on a
light, twin mattress that was

inside of a vinyl mattress cover.

Scroll made for my youngest

daughter who wanted a

Harry Potter book for her birthday.

was released a few days after

birthday, so this is how

announced the gift

she would know it



“Sorting Hat” from the Harry Potter birthday

party.  Made from felt and hot glue

wiggly eyes.  Everyone was

“sorted” before playing quiddich

from ping-pong balls hidden

the grass at the park.  Each ball had

number of points written on it

one ball was painted gold

be the “golden snitch”


is my steel front door.  It is a bit old

and beat up from use.  I painted it using

acrylic paint, first with a warm brown,

using a dry brush to make it

like aged wood.  I then added

“worm tracks” using the same dark paint

used with the dry brush.

Finally, I added two triquetra shapes

the top and added black lines

make them look like gold

stained glass.

sealed this all with high gloss acrylic.

folks have asked about

“new” door, and haven’t know

wasn’t wood until we told them!

 This is the
play corner I painted for our

grandchildren. It is in our family room.

I found
pictures online that were

similar to
the finished tree &

pooh corner
map, then free-handed them on

the walls,
using acrylic paint.

Then I
printed the words to

“Back to
Pooh Corner” on

parchment-like paper and sealed the walls.

home was built in the late 60’s, and the

original white Formica countertops were

looking very worn.  I sanded them down,

based them with two layers of

black acrylic paint.  Using a sea sponge,

added layers of bronze, and three brown

colors to resemble marble.  It is sealed
with four

layers of gloss acrylic sealer.

Charging/Docking station I made for our cell
phones and kindles.  Now we can find
them and charge them without trying to find
where the end of the charger is, etc.
The power strip and chargers are hidden
inside the bottom (behind the kindle storage
area.  This took an empty Amazon box, a
USPS mailing box, tacky glue, a little duct
tape, and left-over fabric from my bathroom
curtain.  The kindle area attaches with
Velcro to hide the power strip, etc.

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