“This has GOT to be the best recipe newsletter on the internet. Thank you so much for your hard work. I have actually USED these recipes!!!! I will be making this one tomorrow… I know my children as well as myself will love it!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Gina “
“Thank you soooo much! I was just making a new recipe for banana bread and had almost everything mixed together when I realized I hadn’t any baking powder and in a panic I hopped online and VOILA! you had a perfect substitution!!! Thanks again, Carrie Williams p.s. I love the recipes and have received the highest praise from family and friends whenever I try a new one out on them!!!”
” Just wanted to let you know how upset I was when I check my mail and your newsletter was not there. It was hiding at the bottom of my stack, and I was looking forward to relaxing a minute and reading it. I’ve zapped most lists because I’m caring for an aging mom; trying to get out orders; coping with life. I want you to know it’s a supreme compliment when I am looking for an email rather than dreading it, and I look forward to your newsletter every day. Hugs and thanks- Pat”
“Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy receiving your recipes via email. I look forward to them every day. I’ve found so many great dishes to try from you and the pen pals – and they are “real” food, not just fancy, gourmet dinners. They’re homey and my family loves them. Thanks so much for this service and for being you! Sheila Torres”
“I just wanted to let you know that of all the web sites I’ve been to, yours is the best! I love the recipes you send via e-mail each day and look forward to utilizing the recipes I have copied from your site. A very large “Thank You” to you. Judy Nowak”
“Hi Kaylin, Well, U done yourself proud with this one Lady– it is one of the very best I have seen published. Keep up the wonderful work U do. I dearly love it. Howard”
“I just love your site, keep up the wonderful job. I have ordered all the mix recipe books you have and have really enjoyed all of them. You are a very talented lady…. Cherryl Rogers-Covina,CA”
“Hi Kaylin, Thanks so much for the Mocha-Walnut Cookie and Mocha Kailua Brownie recipes. They look awesome and I can’t wait to try them. I wanted to thank everyone for all the kind responses to my request. This is my favorite e-zine, not only for the great variety of wonderful recipes but also for the best group of subscribers that write in. June”
“Hi Kaylin, I am requesting copies of your “Cake Mixes in Jars recipes” and I am taking your suggestion for making them for special occasions and holidays. Thank you so very much for this wonderful ezine, don’t know what I did before I found your wonderful site. Sincerely, Bobbie Page”
Dear Kaylin!
I have been in this group for about 3 yrs and I LOVE the new look! I have been sick, and wanted to tell you this a few weeks ago. Anyway, keep up the good work! This is really great and looks so nice! I have sent this e-zine to all my friends! Even some of the ones I am not sure if they cook or not! And a lot of the guys too! And enjoy getting recipes from the guys, here, too! Everyone is so nice and I have gotten some wonderful recipes! Thanks so much for all your effort! Sincerely, Patti Miller
I just love your site, keep up the wonderful job. I have ordered all the mix recipe books you have and have really enjoyed all of them. You are a very talented lady…. Cherryl Rogers-Covina, CA
Kaylin, Thank you so much for such a wonderful idea. I have had so much fun baking the “pint sized cakes”. Can not wait to give them out for the holidays. And watch the peoples faces when I tell them I “canned them a cake”. Jacquita Davis
I have two little granddaughters who love to make things in the kitchen and help their Dad. I could make up the mixes and put them in baggies. Love your Ezine. June
Kaylin, Cannot understand why ANYONE would want to unsubscribe. The daily ezine is the highlight of the morning. I love it that the email addresses of those submitting recipes are shown. I have contacted many to discuss their recipes. What fun! Katie Johnson
I just wanted to say “thanks” for a great site and helpful info. I really appreciate it. I was reading about dehydrating various foods and your site answered my questions. So I thought “thanks” was in order. Be well my friend and keep smiling. Your friend in NY, Bill
Kaylin, My friend, Donna, recently forwarded your website to me, and I signed up to receive the newsletters. I am so glad I did. I have found several recipes I love, but the best find of all was the one I received this morning for Ground Beef Roll-ups. I grew up in Wyoming, and we had these for lunch at school. I have tried for nearly 50 years to find a recipe that was remotely like those Roll-ups. Today I hit the jackpot!! I can hardly wait to make the recipe! Thank you so much for a GREAT website. I collect recipe books, especially those compiled by churches, schools, etc. that have family favorites. That is the same concept of your website, and I love it. Kathy Gist
Kaylin, I adore this ezine. I await its arrival in my in-box each and every day. Thanks to you for all the time and effort and all the subscribers for their wonderful recipes. Thank you, Barbara Smith
Love your site. My coconut cake for Christmas would have been a disaster without your conversion charts. Thanks. Caroline
I know you get many of these notes of thank you. I just wanted to add mine to the list. Today I am trying and using all the recipes sent in. The mix will be used as Christmas gifts for this year, my spinach in the garden and my strawberries will go into the salad. I am always looking for new and different salads to make and the fruit salad is a keeper. Thank you for sharing. Pat

Hello Kaylin, I received my order for Pint Size Cakes. Thank you very much for the prompt service! I am truly happy with my purchase!! Thanks again, Beth
I just found your site this morning and love it!!!! I had seen the cakes & breads in the jar on a TV show and thought it was a great idea so have since been making some. When telling others about it they were shocked!!!! I find your site informative as to what you can and can’t use, which I had questions about. Thank you for sharing your information with all of us!!! Nancy K.


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